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You can visit our website (, search for the product you require and select the bulk packaging you want. All our products are available in 3-6 sizes in terms of quantity. If the quantity you want is more than what packaging size is available for the product on website, then you can directly contact us or WhatsApp on (+91 9374812345).

Shipping process and the time it takes to ship the product depends on the quantity ordered. We have tie ups with several shipping companies to facilitate easy and quick shipping process. We serve two kinds of deliveries – doorstep delivery and godown (warehouse) delivery. If you order from the website, you will mostly get doorstep delivery.

If you order from the website, the product price is inclusive of everything, from taxes to shipping. If you order a bulk quantity by direct negotiation with us, then we will send you a Performa Invoice in which all the charges will be mentioned. If the order amount for one product is less than ₹ 10,000, then MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) price will be applicable i.e. ₹ 300 per packing.

Yes, we charge for sample products. We have nominal charges for samples, the maximum price goes up to ₹ 350. The quantity (10ml – 100ml) and price of the sample varies from product to product. Samples are listed on the website with pre-decided quantity and price. The price on the sample is inclusive of packing cost, delivery cost and applicable taxes.

If you buy samples of 5 products then the sample of one more product will be given free. If you buy samples of 10 products then the samples of three other products will be given free. If you buy samples of 20 products then the samples of seven other products will be given free, and you can also exchange/replace them for other product samples if you want. After purchasing samples, if bulk quantity order is received (Order of more than ₹ 10,000 or more than MOQ.) then we will either waive the cost of those samples that you chose to order in bulk quantity or give you a discount coupon for that amount. These offers on samples are available only if you directly buy from us.

Log in to Suyash Ayurveda website, search for the product you want and then select the option of samples provided for each product. We are also in the process to make a different category of samples on our website so that you can check the whole sample list with quantity and price mentioned, conveniently.

Sample size varies from product to product. Sample size of every product ranges from 10 ml to 100 ml. If you buy them directly from us, there are discounts and offers available depending on how many samples you buy. For eg:- If you buy samples of 50 products then you get a 50% discount on the entire sample order.

Suyash Ayurveda generates Performa invoice in some cases if you directly buy the goods from us and not from the website. There are cases of order customization, packaging or delivery customization, unique requirements, unlisted product requirements, unavailable quantity request and many such exceptional events. In Performa invoice, freight charges, packaging charges and any other charges will be as per the condition of MOQ. Product prices are fixed on website, but when we generate Performa, products will be charged at prevailing prices. To make an order (especially customization requirements) with Performa invoice, you will have to provide us with necessary personal details, GST details and order details. You can give these details on website or WhatsApp us on (+91 9374812345)

Yes, advance payment is required for fulfillment of all the orders. Exceptions will be only made for old and trusted clients. Credit policy for regular clients will depend on how many successful transactions are made before. For eg:- If you have paid for orders 5 times previously, then the accumulated bill amount of those 5 orders divided by 5 (bill number) will be your credit limit. The policy will be made after we get necessary details of the client and scrutinize the relationship that we can form with the client.  

If you are buying the sample for a bulk order then please do mention that to us. We will arrange a fresh sample for you. We have two types of samples, 1) standard sample, where the product is ready for dispatch, 2) fresh sample derived from the bulk order in process, so that you get the same quality. Mostly the quality of the samples and the products are same, but since these are natural products there can be some variations as the batch keeps changing. At the time of confirmation of the order, please do notify us that you want a lot sample from the order.

The MOQ value is ₹ 10,000 for each product. If the order for a single product is less than ₹ 10,000 then MOQ price of ₹ 300 will be applicable. The MOQ price is applicable per product and per packaging. No matter how many packing quantities of your order you want, if the order is less than MOQ, ₹300 will be charged on every packaging.

We are in process to develop our another website, Suyash Herbs, where we will offer all our products in retail quantity and price. Till then, you can buy our samples if you want retail packaging and price. Our sample size ranges from 10 ml to 100 ml. We can arrange samples for 50, even 100 products, which we can offer to you at discounted prices. Samples of 100 products will be available at 50% discount, plus samples of 10 more products will be given to you for free.

After the order is ready to be dispatched and procured by the delivery partner, the delivery time begins. Expected delivery time all over India is 1-15 days. The delivery time depends on the location, logistics partner and transport convenience. All the orders can be tracked. You will receive an email/message for your AWB number. With that number, you can track your order on the respective logistics website.

For regular orders, the lead time for dispatch is 1-3 days. If it takes longer than expected, then we will notify you so. For bulk orders, the lead time will be mentioned in Perfoma invoice. If we are unable to dispatch the order due to unavailability of the products, we will refund your bill amount.

The type of packing depends on the product and quantity. We use different types of packing like HDPE, glass bottle, aluminum bottle, barrel. Different sizes and materials of packing are used for different quantities and product types respectively. Photos of packing are also available on the website for every product.

We offer a huge variety of products on our website. However, we do understand that there can be different grades when it comes to essential and non-essential oils. These grades can have different names, uses, colour, category and industrial application. If you have a specific requirement of a particular grade of a product that’s not on website, you can contact us. We do make customised orders. If you have a bulk order then we can also negotiate on the price, as we believe in competitive quality and price. We cannot post every grade of the product on the website, but yes we do manufacture other grades on specific requests. We can make the order according to your requirements and the packing size you want.

Yes, we do take customized order. We can manufacture products according to your industry requirements (Hair, Spa, Agro, chemical, pharma etc.) You can call us or WhatsApp us on (+91 9374812345) and ask us to manufacture a product that is not listed on the website. Upon negotiation, we can cater to your need of any product, whether it is a small order or a bulk order.

We cater to the needs of multiple industries, so yes there are various categories of products based on benefits, industrial use, USPs, therapeutic value, aroma etc., that we can manufacture. Some of the categories mentioned on website are essential oils, non-essential oils, aromatherapy oils, edible oils, non-edible oils, spice oils, carrier oils and oleoresins. Apart from the categories listed on the website, we also manufacture oils from special and premium category of products that are not listed on site. We cannot mention every product category on the website but that does not mean we do not manufacture additional products. If you have any specific requirement of a product category that is not listed on the website, you can contact us on (+91 9374812345) or email us on ( We always welcome customized orders.

In each product category, there is a list of products available that we manufacture and deal in. On website, the list of products is limited and does not include each and every product we manufacture. We are in process to make a detailed list of products on the website for every category and even send it individually to the clients who are interested. We can’t mention each and every product on the website. We certainly manufacture every product listed on the website, but we, as a manufacturing unit do not limit our function only to these products. If you have any specific requirement of a product category that is not listed on the website, you can contact us on (+91 9374812345) or email us on ( We always welcome customized orders.

Yes, we are very much competent to fulfil a customized bulk order. As a manufacturer, we specialize in catering to bulk orders. The order will be fulfilled as per your requirement and specifications. When you directly purchase from us, you get the benefit of discounted prices on bulk orders. Through website, we cannot help you much with the pricing because of the additional costs like gateway processing fees etc., but yes, in direct orders we are open for negotiation. If you have any specific requirement of a product category that is not listed on the website, you can contact us on (+91 9374812345) or email us on ( We always welcome customized orders.

The product technical sheet or Certificate Of Analysis (COA) is available on the website, for most of the products. It is as per the standard sample type. If there is a specific quality requirement for a product, please do mention it at the time of giving order. The technical sheet is available in the product description for most of the products. If you have any specific requirement of a product category that is not listed on the website, you can contact us on (+91 9374812345) or email us on ( we will send you the sheet as soon as possible. We are trying our best to make it available for all the products.

Yes, we will always provide special discount and offers to our registered customers, premium clients, regular/frequent buyers. Those who have registered on the website can avail discounts and offers through their respective accounts. We will provide special discount codes which you can use at the time of checkout. If we talk about direct orders, discounts and offers will be provided on negotiation and it also depends on how frequently you purchase from us. If there’s a bulk order (Order value above 1,00,000 or 50,000 in some cases) special discount rates or offers will be offered. In offers, you can get additional quantity or products, depending on the situation.

Yes, it is extremely important for the clients to create an account on website and then only make an order. Creating an account gives us the required details that helps us to serve you better. It also helps us to keep in touch with you and provide you the benefit of special discounts and offers from time to time. If you require any product promotions or if you have any product inquiries, you can convey it to us via your account.  You can register with us without any worry. With regards to our privacy policy, all your details and information are safe with us. We never spam our clients with unnecessary calls, emails or messages. We will send emails and messages only if we have your consent. If you still have any queries, please reach out to us at ( or (+91 9374812345)

At Suyash Ayurveda, we always try to provide genuine and authentic information, just like our products are. Every product on the website has attached photos of how the product looks and also photos of the packing size available. We always try to get the same color photo as that of the product’s color and most of the times you will find the same color on the website as it is of the product. There may be variations in some cases as these are natural products and their colors vary depending on time and batch produced. If you still want only a specific kind of color for your product, then please let us know before you make the purchase.

We ship our products all over India. However, there are some areas or locations where our logistics partners are unable to reach. These areas may be considered as out of range. Distant towns, cities or villages where the transportation is a major issue may be considered ODAs. Orders from these locations will be transported to the nearest reachable location. From there on, the responsibility of the order is of the buyer’s. If you have a bulk order and your location is in our ODA list, then we request you to contact us first before placing the order so that we can find out a solution.

Cities or locations can also temporarily be added in this list of ODAs, due to uncertain situations like strikes, lockdowns, political instability etc,. Temporary ODA notice will be conveyed to all our regular clients.

Our most of the products are in liquid form. And we all know that liquid products are the hardest kind of products to safely get transported. So, we take extra care when it comes to transportation issues. We have tie ups with multiple logistics companies. We ask them to take extra precautions with the orders we dispatch. We do face restrictions time and again because not many logistics companies agree to transport bulk order of liquid products. Problems like these result in uncertainty in freight charges and expected delivery time. We also may face location restrictions. However, we assure you complete and thorough customer service if these issues take place.

We have separated hazardous and non-hazardous products by the means of MSDS. So through that, you will come to know which products lie in which list on the website. Yes, the shipment procedure for both the hazardous and non-hazardous products is different. The hazardous materials have some control measures when it comes to shipment, in both international and domestic locations. A different and customised Performa invoice will be made for the orders including hazardous products and the freight charges will also be more for shipment of hazardous products.

We have different units of measure applied to different products. We have products in kilograms, liters, tones and even pieces. The unit of measure is mentioned for every product, on the website, on respective product’s page. Please do check the measure before placing the order. The unit of measure can change the whole scenario, when it comes to handling, packaging, logistics, weight, freight charges of the order.