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Shipping Policy

Shipping & Delivery Policy


Processing and packaging time for all the orders is approximately 1-3 working days. In some special cases, the process may take up to 7 working days.

Being a manufacturing unit, we have a standard process where every product is processed at pre-decided quantity and time. In case the order quantity is huge or the product is not available, then the process may take more time.

In case of holidays and other uncertain events, a public notice shall be released stating the expected processing time.

Once the order is shipped, delivery process commences. Delivery time for all domestic orders is approximately 5-7 working days.

We accept international order as well, but in case the address is ODA (Out of Delivery Area) then we won’t be able to help you out. In that case, a refund will be processed. For international orders, delivery time may be more than 7 working days.

Shipping costs will be included in the total cost of the order. For international orders, shipping costs may vary.

Once the order is shipped, you will be notified through email, SMS, WhatsApp or all. In that message, the tracking number will be mentioned through which you can track the delivery status of your order.